Your Odyssey call~

Our Odyssey calls are reflective chats between you and I, allowing space for you to tell your story and, through conversation, find balance and discover tools to take you into daily life.

I'm not a therapist, a social worker, a counselor, but I am most definitely a woman who has walked through the fire of loss and sadness and devastation. I have 5 solo years full timing on the road in a tiny trailer (having never done any camping or towing prior to my beloved husband's death). I've curled up on the floor, convinced I'd never stand again, only to...stand again. I've learned that it isn't about resistance; it's about softening and receiving, whatever the subject.

You choose the topic. We talk. Whether it's about grief and widow(er)hood, getting out of the rat race, joining the circus (yes, that's a thing), moving across country, transforming your life against all common sense....bring your anxieties and concerns here, and let's chat.  Because, there really is more to life than what we think we must be~